Brands - to match the wonderful jewelry

I carry selected pieces from the following brands:

I prefer companies that attach great importance to social and ethical management.

Mojo-Unique's Smitten Logo

Smitten offers belts and bags that are handcrafted in Peru and Guatemala.

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Mojo-Uniques Japan TKY LogoJapan TKY stands for minimalist fashion: elegant, practical and for every occasion. Easy-care and resource-saving as washable at 30 degrees. 

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Mojo-Uniques Ahmaddy Logo

Ahmaddy produces distinctive scarves and shawls in small factories.

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< img src="" alt="Mojo-Uniques Nimo with Love Logo" style=" margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto; float: none; display: block;">

Nimo with Love is an outstanding label that has always been produced in close cooperation according to sustainable principles. 

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Mojo-Unique's Guanabana Logo

Guanabana bracelets are handwoven by indigenous groups in the family environment. 

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Greek Archaic Kori

NEW is Greek Archaic Kori: a label created and tailored in Athens from renewable natural resources.

Outstanding details and great cuts (available from March 2022).

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Mojo-Uniques Logo_mare_di_latteNEW is mare di latte: for stunning resort fashion, is from Porto Vecchio, Corsica and also tailors there, primarily in pure cotton.

Minimalist and opulent cuts and prints (expected for March 2022).