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  • Doppelperle - Vergoldete Ohrringe: Ohrhaken, Süßwasserperle, Papierperle
  • Doppelperle b - Vergoldete Ohrringe: Ohrhaken, Süßwasserperle, Papierperle
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Double Pearl - Gold Plated Earrings

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€128,00 EUR
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€128,00 EUR

Gold-plated earrings - double pearl

- Smaller decorated earwires made of gold-plated silver, shiny
- flat freshwater pearls with a beautiful luster
- Rondelle and donuts made of silver, gilded, decorated
- Teardrop-shaped paper beads, mother-of-pearl colours
- Cup-shaped finish
- mounted on gilded silver

      Making paper beads is an ancient craft. Just one manufactory still produces them in southern Germany. Paper is brought into a drop-shaped form and varnished in several dips and then clear varnished. This creates a very light and at the same time extremely stable paper bead.

      A flashy, courtly earring for festive occasions. A true ornament.
      Incredibly light for its size.

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