Zirkon Zimbel - Vergoldete Ohrringe: rund gewölbte Ohrstecker, Zirkonkugel pink Silber vergoldet

Zircon cymbal - gold plated earrings

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Gold-plated earrings - Zircon Cymbal

  • fine, curved, round ear studs made of gold-plated sterling silver
  • beautiful, even longitudinal matting
  • divine, close-knit zircon ball in pink made of gold-plated sterling silver
  • sterling silver gold-plated assembly parts such as rings and suspension
  • Total size, approx. 1.5 cm, size of the ball 0.5 cm

Zircon is a naturally grown gemstone (even the oldest in the world!). Not to be confused with zirconia, an artificially, industrially produced substitute for diamonds.

Charming ear jewelry, striking and glittering.

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