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Nimo with Love - Summer 2021

Nimo with Love summer collection

We are gradually putting Nicole Mohrmann's new good mood fashion online. The summer collection 2021 arrived today.

Wonderful pieces, we look forward to it.

Already online:

Peony Pants in olive / pink and blue / yellow

Azurite dress in Nude / turquoise and olive / pink

Sapphire Kaftan Short in nude / turquoise and blue / yellow

Iris Jumpsuite - a strong one-piece in olive / pink and blue / yellow

Tigers Eye Dress - turquoise - richly embroidered summer dress in white / turquoise / blue

Blanket jacket - transition jacket with chic lining, linen in olive / pink

Apatite dress - Sleeveless, half-length summer dress with reversible tassel belt

Catmint dress - Refined long Summer dress, ruffle sleeves, buttoned on both sides

Foxglove dress - Long-sleeved summer dress, button placket, tailored

Bouganvilla dress - Linen summer dress, short-sleeved, square neckline embroidered

Coral Bells Blouse - Sleeveless blouse in 3 colors, embroidery and borders

Broom Blouse - Linen blouse with embroidered stand-up collar, long sleeves, 3 colors

Columbia blouse - linen blouse, long sleeves, embroidery, pink and light blue

... more to come.

Prepare yourself for a hot summer


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