Mojo digitized

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Replicator for goldsmiths, artists, you and me

- You are a goldsmith or artist and you have an ingenious design.

- You want to scale or produce in other materials.

- You want to reproduce your (one) favorite earring

Mojo scans your piece with a high performance jewelry scanner. With a precision of 0.01 mm, we create a 3D data model (*.stl) that can be used immediately. You can have the data model printed or we can have it printed for you.

This is possible in synthetic resin, synthetic resin with wood content, gold and silver.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Mojo Digitized

  • Mojo-Uniques, Beauty 1, Original

    The Original

    ... is so wonderfully worked. A cold-forged masterpiece from Paris, turn of the century.
    Originally made of copper, it is now to be printed in various sizes in synthetic resin with 8% wood content.

  • Mojo-Uniques, The Beauty sprayed

    3d scan preparation

    In order to capture all the nuances of the original true to the model, the workpiece is matted. After the scan, the coating is removed without leaving any residue.

  • Mojo-Uniques, The Beauty scanned

    The finished 3d model

    The finished 3D model corresponds in every detail to the scanned original. It can be scaled to any size. You can not only define different materials but also the wall thickness.