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Collection: Greek Archaic Kori

Greek Archaic KORI - Beach- and Resortware

KORI was founded in Greece and is designed and produced in Athens. Each collection embodies urban lightness paired with comfort, sophistication and versatility.

Greek Archaic Kori is for women all over World and for all ages. Simple lines and styles that can be worn day and night. The characteristic airy dresses, beach caftans and tunics are made of natural and high-quality materials that are environmentally friendly: cool linen, pure cotton and silk.

Every fabric is tested for its feel, durability and design. Linen is a classic choice for summer because it's light, breathable and easy to wear: the ultimate choice for your vacation destination.

KORI was founded with the aim of producing a high quality, yet affordable and elegant clothing line for the modern woman.

Within a few years, KORI has gained enormous popularity both in Greece and abroad. Greek Archaic KORI collections can be found in over 300 boutiques, department stores and resort boutiques worldwide.

From March 2022 also at Mojo-Uniques in Lindau.

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