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White Eye - Armband: Emaille weiß, Perlen, Silber.
White Eye - Armband f: Emaille weiß, Perlen, Silber
White Eye - Armband b: Emaille weiß, Perlen, Silber

White Eye - bracelet

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Bracelet - White Eye

Enamel bracelets are fired with Bohemian pearls on curved, hand-formed copper elements on both sides. The knowledge and control of the different melting points and temperatures of enamel and pearls is a great challenge. Only the best, homogeneous links are used.

This creates a high-quality, high-gloss, resilient surface. Unique items that are truly unique.

Details White Eye

  • White link bracelet made of enamel
  • 5 cuddly hand-punched elements made of copper
  • 3 times enamelled, black, signed back
  • Melted Bohemian pearls
  • Clasp and connections made of solid sterling silver

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