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Collection: Mare di Latte

Mare di Latte - the proportion of angels

Mare di Latte was born in Porto-Vecchio, an island Eldorado, surrounded by beautiful beaches frequented by a multitude of holidaymakers looking for a certain sweetness in life.

The brand is valued by an international audience and spreads quickly. More stores are opened in Corsica. Here you will find unique designs for high-quality and distinctive beach and resort fashion.

In addition to very reduced pieces, there are opulent patterns with strong and refined details.

A team is created with the ambition to surround oneself with people whose talents are expressed in trust.

Artist of her life, always looking for a face, a smile, a picture, a scent that stimulates her imagination, they remain Angels on course. Their compass, emotion.

 mare di latte for Mojo-Uniques

For Mojo-Uniques from March 2022

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